GP2x USB Accessories

See for more USB information.

Firmware Version 2.0 and above supports:
- External mass storage (HDD / memory stick) supported
- Samba (Windows File Sharing) supported
- Telnet and Webserver included
- USB Host

Sorry, due to other commitments, the GP2x accessories previously on sale here are on hold for the forseeable future.

I have WiFi working - it requires a custom module, and a cross-compiled iwtools.
See: wireless.tar.gz
Bobby has kindly put together a Wiki and some more friendly scripts, please see: for more information.

Useful files

GPH V2 Firmware Latest firmware from GPH.
Supports USB, networking, has a pretty boot sound!,0,0,0,42

Open2x Open source, community developed project for the GP2x Firmware + Utils

Price: £4.00

EXT Connector

For your own projects - has all 24 pins in the connector.

Price: £11.99

Composite Audio + Video Out Cable

Watch videos and play games through the GP2x on your TV!

Please note that the video output is Composite, and the Audio is 2-Channel (Stereo)

Price: £9.99

Rev.2 GP2x USB Host Adaptor (GP2x Powered)

This cable allows you to connect USB peripherals to your Rev.2 GP2x, and does not require any external power.

- Only compatible with verified 5V GP2x.
- This adaptor can only supply a maximum of 100mA to USB devices.
- Check your application before buying! (WiFi requires more than 100mA)
- Most USB flash drives that I have tried work with my 3.3V GP2x.

- If you want a short cable, please follow up your order with an e-mail specifying the length you require.

See the Wiki for the 5V question:

Price: £19.99

GP2x USB Host Adaptor (Externally Powered)

This adaptor allows you to connect external USB peripherals to your GP2x.
External power adaptor (UK 3-pin) supplied.

Compatible with ALL GP2x versions.

Style and colour may vary, however the following is always included:
- 3-pin UK mains adaptor (100-240V AC)
- 4-Port USB HUB
- Cable with GP2x EXT Port connector.

With a USB WiFi stick and software you can access all of your files over Windows (SAMBA) file sharing!
Bobby has kindly put together a Wiki and some more friendly scripts, please see: for more information.

Price: (No HDD)£44.99

Price: (40GB HDD)£89.99

GP2x USB External 2.5Inch HDD Encosure (Battery Powered)

A small external Hard Disk enclosure that is rechargable and plugs directly into the GP2x for mass storage of Videos / Games / Music.

Compatible with ALL GP2x versions.

It is really easy to use - I bought a GP2x and one of these for my Mum.
She uses it on Holiday, Plane, Train, Car...

The 2.5" enclosure will house and power a 2.5" laptop HDD, available up to 160GB.

Price: £2.99

AC Socket Adaptor

This allows international buyers to use the UK 3-pin AC power adaptors that come with some of the products on this page with their home sockets.

The voltage range of the UK 3-pin adaptors is suitable for 100VAC - 240VAC, so they can work safely in all countries.

Important Information

Delivery is via Royal Mail:
- 2-3 days within the UK
- 3-7 days globally (depending on customs this may take up to 14 days)
For orders outside the EU, your country may add local taxes.


By using the product(s) above, you agree to the following:
The products on this page are tested before shipping. They come with no warranty, and are not supported by GPH. As such, any damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of the product(s) is entirely the user's fault. I will not accept liability for any issues caused by the use of these products. I have used the products with no problems, and continue to do so. However they are for development purposes, and should be treated as such.

All upgrades are at the user's risk - I take no responsibility for a damaged GP2x.

Question? Find a community on IRC at #gp2xdev