Yealink USB-B2K / Komunikate SE-B2K USB VoiP Adaptor

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Asterisk PBX Channel Module

Patch against asterisk-1.2.27
atch against asterisk-1.4.19
Patch against asterisk-1.6.0

This patch adds a chan_usbb2k channel module and sample config file.
You will need the usbb2k_api running for the channel to initialise.
Please see the sample config file for more information.

Having purchased this device on the spur of the moment, I decided to get it up and running under Linux in the hope that I could use my Linux box to make cheap phone calls using my normal home phone.

These are the resources that I stumbled accross:
This project has the latest source for the usbb2k-api.
It integrates skype with the USBB2K under Linux.
The Asterisk Open Source PBX
This is the original usbb2k-api site, however it seems to be un-maintained now.