Linux on NC1200-W10 IP Camera

This page tries to detail some of the hacking that I have done to load my own filesystem onto a NC1200-W10 IP Camera.

The reason for this is that the camera with the factory firmware lasts for approx. 3 hours before falling over. I initially thought this was due to overheating, but after adding a heatsink and running it with the lid off, the problem is still present.

22 July 2007

Created my first working replacement firmware.

I have now successfully built and deployed my own root filesystem onto the NC1200-W10 IP camera (uses the SD9218 SoC).

Original image (required by script) is available from the manufacturer here: firmware/NC 1200 Firmware/C61200-WX-2.00.01-61002-A0.rar

Using buildroot, MIPS I generic, big endian, softfloat and a minimal package selection, generate a new ramdisk with the apps that you require.

To create the ramdisk:
dd if=/dev/zero of=ramdisk bs=1024 count=6144
mkfs.ext2 ramdisk
mkdir mnt
mount -o loop ramdisk mnt

Now untar the rootfs generated by buildroot into the new ramdisk (mounted on mnt).
umount mnt
gzip -9 ramdisk

Now create the modified firmware image by copying C61200-WX-2.00.01-61002-A0.img from the archive above into the directory with make_boot_image and create_header.
./make_boot_image ramdisk.gz
This will generate zrtos.img which can be loaded using the NC1200-W10 (SD9128 SoC) bootloader.

make_boot_image script.

28 Jan 2009

Update following e-mails

Original image (required by script) is no longer available from the manufacturer, so is mirrored here:

buildroot-config (copy to buildroot/.config)

Note that there are two issues with the camera:
- The main app keeps crashing. This can be fixed in software
- The hardware overheats. I have fixed this by removing the WiFi card and adding a heatsink to the CPU.

This method has been successful for three weeks of continuous operation so far.


  • Reverse engineer flash format and boot my own filesystem.
  • Implement a new web server and v4l capture client.
  • Implement a method to reflash the original firmware back through the web interface.

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